1st Lesson(s)

On Sunday I met with two of my instructors. Since my time in town is limited and Im still in the ‘really really excited phase’ I thought it would be best to make the most of this and schedule lessons with two people. Marta is a senior in college, teaching on the side. Her mom owns a music school which tells me music runs in the family. She is focused and to the point and looks innocent but could definitely kick your……..

Shawn is another instuctor I met with, also a great guy. I got to pick up a little bit of information from both. All in all it was a great lesson. I got to play, mimic what they did, and I even learned how to read a few notes. Its crazy how a little bit of techniqe could make such a big difference. If you ever doubt whether or not to invest in instruction, at least do it in the beggining. That way you get a good foundation.

I got to play 6 variations of twinkle twinkle little star…Im moving up in the world people!

Never too late….

Its never too late to learn.

I’m 28 years old, and this morning I picked up my old violin after 18 years. After attempting to tune it for almost 30 minutes and getting nowhere, I googled violin rental shops in Chicago, and left the house as quickly as I could for fear of one of the strings coming loose and taking my eye out.

My intention was never to write about this new endevour, but after meeting Paul Wargaski in his shop today and explaining my background and work schedule he thought a blog might inspire more people to learn to play an instrument.

Currently, I work as a full time Pilot, and as a result I’m gone from home for 15 days at a time every month. To make things more iteresting I split my time off between Chicago and Los Angeles. When I am at work there is very little down time. We usually work full days and everyday is different from the next, so we never know when and where we are going to end up. I predict this will make finding time and motivation to practice in different hotel rooms across the country a little difficult. But I promise to drag my violin with me everywhere I go and try to annoy as many people in the rooms next to me as humanly possible. Hey the only way I will get better is to practice 🙂

Had I stuck with the violin when I was young I imagine I would have been a pro by now, but instead Im playing twinkle twinkle little star, and mary had a little lamb 50 times over like a 2 year old. And you know what? As terrible as I sound, I’m having fun.  I do hope to get better with time, (not only for my sake but for my family’s) but enjoy what you do… and don’t stress out if you are not getting better. Nothing happens over night. And after a while if you still sincerely feel you suck then who cares!  At least you can say you tried.

I’ve wanted to start playing again for years. But I was too scared of sounding like an idiot and wasting my time. Last week I flew with a pilot who had brought his violin with him and I decided that had been the sign for me to finally learn how to play again.

I will write about once a week and share how things are going. There will be many good and bad days ahead, and if you are going through the same adventure don’t hesitate to give a shout. I’d love to hear from you.